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Digital Marketing

We provide expert marketing services including logo creation, website design, online store setups and online marketing.

Improve your online presence

Increase your online awareness with great branding and regular posting of social media and blog content. Improve your customer communication with an effective website, social media pages and digital advertising. This all sounds right I’m sure. But we have found most small businesses don’t have the time or expertise for marketing. So we built our marketing agency on meeting those needs so you can focus on your core competencies. 

Full service including logo creation, website design and online store setups and online marketing

Logo Creation

Standard or premium logo designs for small businesses to meet your needs.

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Standard Logo Design

Get started on a budget with an essential logo design that describes who you are for your web and your print use. We’ll do various versions for you to to choose from and then then we’ll do a few revisions of the one you pick. The final result includes transparent files for website or social media and high quality files for paper products. signs and print support collatorial. 

Premium Logo Design

Have one of our professionals design a customized, high quality logo created by one of our talented and experienced designers. We’ll make sure its identifiable to make your business memorable and it’s engaging to grab your customer’s attention using colour, shapes and fonts. Our logo design will be uniquely yours to stand out from the competition. We’ll send you various formats for further use in print products and web applications.


Online Store Setups

Standard all in one online stores or premium ecommerce online store setups.

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Standard Online Stores

These all in one online store setups are great for starting your online business and can be set up in weeks, not months. These include beautiful themes, products or digital downloads  and essential marketing with SEO settings, blog and social media integration setups We’ll set up your items, payment gateways, taxes and shipping options. These websites include simple user access for changing product info or images and have 24/7 phone support.

Premium Ecommerce Stores

We set up and design customized online stores including premium themes and integrated apps and marketing. Advanced features include customer logins, product videos, learning management and wholesale purchasing. These online stores can be fully integrated with our all-in-one marketing platform with social media content marketing, postcard sending, digital advertising with Google and Facebook and email marketing and automation. We provide full service content management for product and site changes to be current and site maintenance for updates.

Website Design

Affordable standard template designs or premium website setup and development. 

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Standard Websites

Our affordable all-inclusive website designs are great for startup businesses and can be set up in days not weeks. They feature essential marketing with basic SEO settings to get found, blog setup and social media integration. These include beautiful themes based on your industry, customized pages, expert copy writing for your content and quality stock images. For quick changes, use our simple user access for editing content and media along with 24/7 phone support.

Premium Websites

We offer customized premium layouts with expert content writing to reflect your business. These include premium features like animation, colour fading features and premium quality stock photos. We specialize in embedded forms, calendar booking systems and API features to make it function with your unique business type. Our premium websites are best paired with our marketing services to ensure your business is found and your online presence is strong. You need not to worry about your website loading quickly, your content being current or having website maintenance, as we have you covered with our website support programs.

Online Marketing

Search engine optimization, social media, digital ads and email marketing services.

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Search Engine Optimization

All websites need to get found or they are just a waste of money. SEO services provide all the essential work done for required keywords and website settings to increase organic search results so that your business gets found on the web. Our affordable SEO include keyword research, settings for onsite, search engine registrations, sitemap submissions and local mapping and business information. We’ll provide an annual analytics report and review to better understand your success and make recommendations for changes in non technical talk.

Social Media Marketing

Content is still king in great marketing these days. Good quality and relevant content increases your online presence for your brand and improves your search engine ranking for your website. The purpose is to entertain, inspire, educate and convince viewers. We provide professional content writing services for social media to enhance your informative messages and posting content for your social media marketing strategy. Our team will start with a marketing strategic plan, set up a schedule that makes sense for you and your business type.

Digital Advertising

To give your business that boost and make it faster than organic growth, digital search and display ads can help promote your small business services, your products and your brand. Drive traffic to your website, improve sales leads or increase your sales with search engine marketing. To promote branding and improve your online presence, paid display ads using images, placement and video are a welcome form of promotion. If you have an online store, integrating with platforms like Google or Facebook for shopping ads are key to a successful customer reach. Have our trained, experienced experts create a strategic plan setting your objectives, your budget, creating your ad copy, monitoring the results and tweak your campaigns accordingly.

Email Marketing

One of the most cost effective marketing tools today, is email marketing. For small businesses of all sizes, we create and design beautiful, branded emails that make you look more professional in your marketing. Engage your target audience, whether you are just a small one person show, you have a few employees or you have a full team. Our experts will set up an email marketing plan, have our copywriter create content based on your outline and we’ll add premium stock images to make your emails come alive. For those clients with online stores, branded email communication and automation is a must to grow your business and stay connected to your customers.



Website Support Program

Get peace of mind, save your time, have reliable hosting and stay current. Our expert support program includes SSL security , daily backups, theme and plugin updates, website maintenance and content management for text and media updates and changes.

All-In-One Marketing Platform

For our premium websites and online store clients, we offer the latest marketing tools to combine all channels together. They even learn fron each other for more effective results and combined reporting. Get social media marketing, digital advertising and email marketing all under one roof.   

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